Fixed Income for Retirement

on ; last featured June 24, 2017

As many of you look toward retirement, the idea of a fixed income—knowing how much money there will be every month—probably sounds pretty good. Although we aren’t to worry about the future (Matthew 6:34), planning for the future is biblical (Proverbs 21:5, 1 Chronicles 22:5)—knowing, of course, that God has the freedom to change these plans (James 4:13–16).

Well, here is a story of a woman who was able to plan for her future in such a way that she is now receiving a nice fixed income while contributing to God’s work.

After working for decades as a pediatrician in a small rural town, Patricia was ready to retire. She had purchased some stock years ago, and it had been a good investment. But, of course, stock prices go up and down, and Patricia understandably wanted economic security during her retirement years.

So she decided on a gift annuity where she transferred her stocks to her favorite non-profit, Answers in Genesis, and in exchange received several benefits. She receives a nice fixed payout based on her age, giving her a fixed income, part of which is tax-free.

She also receives a charitable tax deduction, saving her part of the capital gains tax. And, best of all, she was able to contribute to Answers in Genesis and, by doing so, help us to accomplish the mission that God has put before us—to spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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