But Will It Fly?
Some scientists believe the supposed “proto-feathers” are really just collagen fibers

But Will It Fly?

The Latest “Feathered” Dinosaur-a Preliminary Report


The New York Times has summarized an upcoming article in the journal 'Nature' that claims that a fossil dinosaur—supposedly with 'clear traces of feathers from head to tail'—has been found in China.

The New York Times (April 26, 2001) has summarized an upcoming article in the journal “Nature” that claims that a fossil dinosaur—supposedly with “clear traces of feathers from head to tail’—has been found in China. Some evolutionists have already touted this as “virtually airtight” evidence for the claim that dinosaurs evolved into birds millions of years ago.

staff scientist Dr. David Menton will be studying the “Nature” article about this supposed “missing link” between reptiles and birds and reporting on this later. For the moment, we can note that the New York Times article used a lot of tentative words such as: “appear to have been primitive feathers”; “what look like modern bird feathers”; and “apparent featherlike traces”; “may be”; “appeared to reinforce” etc. (emphasis ours).

In addition, there are some dissenters within the evolutionary community, including ornithologists who dispute these current findings. (Instead, they believe that birds evolved from an earlier reptile, still undiscovered.) These dissenters say it is possible that a dinosaur skeleton might have become mixed up with a bird buried at the same time (which has happened before).

The creature discovered in China has been identified as a dromaeosaur, a dinosaur similar to the Velociraptor. Interestingly, according to the Times article, scientists say that this dinosaur was definitely flightless because its front legs were too short to support wings.

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From the Bible, the evolutionists’ timeline of reptiles appearing before birds can be rejected outright. The Bible says that birds were created on Day 5 of Creation, and that land creatures like dinosaurs and other reptiles appeared on Day 6. On the basis of the authority of the Bible, then, we can confidently declare that this evolutionary claim from China is wrong.

To find out what the Bible says about the true history of dinosaurs, order Ken Ham’s new book “The Dinosaurs of Eden.”


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