Visiting Museums—Be Not Afraid!


If you are a Bible-believing Christian, truth is on your side. So you should not be afraid to enter those secular temples known as natural history museums. With a little preparation, you can discover a wealth of interesting facts and discoveries about God’s world, which you can then help your family weave into the biblical creation model.

For example, when you see a fossil exhibit, ask yourself which period of biblical history the fossils were probably laid (see “Time for an Upgrade?” p. 46). Look for Primary layers, listed as 250 million years or older (during the Flood’s destruction of the shallow seas and floating forest); Secondary layers, listed as 65 million years or older (during the Flood’s destruction of the coast and continents); Tertiary layers, listed as 60 million years or younger (during post-Flood catastrophes); and Quaternary layers, listed as 2 million years (during the Ice Age). The fossils will then have a fascinating story to tell, as you imagine what was taking place with Noah or his descendants at the time these creatures died.

One purpose of this issue of Answers is to provide you with a framework for interpreting the “facts of God’s world” found in typical books and museums. Once you learn how to separate the facts from the interpretations, it’s fairly easy to fit the facts into a different model of earth history.

Many creation resources are available to assist you, including a Museum Guide developed by the parent ministry of Answers magazine (Answers in Genesis). Secular museums can still provide a great experience. Simply gather your group of friends, family, youth group, homeschool co-op, or Sunday school class, then arm yourself with a Bible and a little research, and expect to have a wonderful learning experience.

You can counteract the museum’s claims by following the biblical principle of “put off” (man’s view) and “put on” (biblical view) (Ephesians 4:22–31). Remember that creationists and evolutionists look at the same facts, but they just have different presuppositions and interpretations. So throughout your tour, you can discuss how our starting assumptions influence our interpretations.

You may also want to study the museum’s brochures or even visit the museum ahead of your group tour. Research the biblical and scientific issues raised by the exhibits and then learn the biblical perspective.

Christians have no reason to fear the truths they will discover in God’s world. As Deuteronomy 31:8 reminds us, the Lord is the One who goes before us and remains with us. “He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.

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October – December 2008

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