The Scriptorium

Biblical History

Dedicated to “affirming the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of the Bible,” the Scriptorium walks guests through the origin and transmission of the Holy Scriptures.


Orlando, Florida

“What’s so special about the Bible? Lots of other religious books claim to be from God.”

“My friend, this Book is like no other. People have gone to prison, suffered torture, and been burned at the stake simply for owning it. Why would they risk their lives for a book? Because they know it´s the inspired Word of God and it changes lives.”

To discover why the Bible is so special, visit the Scriptorium, a one-of-a-kind museum located in Orlando, Florida. Dedicated to “affirming the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of the Bible,” the Scriptorium walks guests through the origin and transmission of the Holy Scriptures.

Your adventure begins in Mesopotamia, where God spoke to Abraham, promising to bless all nations through his seed. Then proceed through over a dozen rooms on a 55-minute audio tour that includes Babylon, the ancient library of Alexandria, William Tyndale´s print shop, and John Bunyan´s prison cell.

The Scriptorium

Photo courtesy of the Van Kampen Collection

The Scriptorium is actually just one of the many attractions that your family will find on the 15-acre grounds of the Holy Land Experience. From the moment you walk through the entry arches of Jerusalem´s city gates, your senses will be bombarded with the sights and sounds of the Holy City. Actors walk the streets, live shows stir the heart, and continuous presentations inform the mind.

After a day filled with music, drama, and inspiring presentations, you´ll come away more in love with the Word—and the Author of the Word—than ever before.

Recommended by Dr. Herb Samworth, former curator of the priceless Bible Collection displayed at the Scriptorium in Orlando, Florida.

Points of Interest

An Inspired Presentation

The Scriptorium offers guests a sensory tour through the Bible’s history. The grand finale takes place in a magnificent rotunda, filled with portraits of the “holy men of old” who recorded God’s Word. The stirring narration begins with God Himself writing the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. The story continues with the sacrifices of the prophets and apostles, who brought us the Bible.

Inspired Presentation

Photo courtesy of the Van Kampen Collection

The Martyr’s Bible

Seeing the blood-stained pages of this copy of Matthew’s Bible (1537), you’ll appreciate the sacrifices paid to bring us God’s Word. Life-size scenes retell the stories of men like William Tyndale, who gave their lives to translate and spread the Bible.

Martyr Bible

Photo courtesy of the Van Kampen Collection

The Bible Comes Alive

As you walk the streets of the Holy Land Experience, you’ll see Bible characters come to life. Make your way to the Wilderness Tabernacle, where the high priest explains ancient sacrifices. Visit the Qumran caves and learn the amazing story behind the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Bible Comes Alive

Photo courtesy of the Van Kampen Collection

Herod’s Temple

Join the crowds at the six-story replica of Herod’s Temple, where live shows are presented.

Stop by the world’s largest indoor model of Jerusalem (25 feet by 45 feet), where experienced hosts walk you through the key events in the city’s history. The Passion drama and other live performances are seen throughout the day.

Herod’s Temple

Photo courtesy of the Van Kampen Collection

Helpful Tips

  • The Scriptorium´s walk-through-Bible-history requires only 55 minutes, so you´ll have plenty of time to enjoy the other attractions at the Holy Land Experience.
  • Check out the shows in the Smile of a Child Adventure Land, where kids can become a Bible character.
  • Allow a full day to take in the shows and attractions.

Be Prepared

Watch and read the official DVD and guide before visiting the Scriptorium (

Also, watch The Indestructible Book, an excellent overview of the Bible, hosted by Ken Connolly.


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