Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies


The Ripley´s Aquarium in the Smokies is a must-see experience if you ever visit the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (USA).


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Believe it or not, the Ripley´s Aquarium in the Smokies is a must-see experience if you ever visit the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (USA). Though the name Ripley´s is usually associated with the wacky, this aquarium is as authentic as they come. Featuring 10,000 sea creatures of over 350 different species native to tropical rainforests, oceans, and coral reefs, this aquarium demonstrates the amazing diversity of life that has emerged within the various created kinds.

Be sure to visit the Shark Lagoon, a 340-foot underwater tunnel through which you can walk amidst sharks, a green sea turtle, and other marvelous fish. Stingray Bay is home to nine different types of stingrays; and at the Touch-A-Ray Bay, you can feel the smooth skin of rays as they glide through the water. At the Gallery of the Seas, witness the beautiful colors and strange shapes of spectacular sea creatures, such as the octopus, seahorses, and jellies. Each one demonstrates the creative mind of God.

The Discovery Center features kid-friendly exploratory activities, interactive displays, a horseshoe crab petting area, and daily special classes. A trip to Ripley´s Aquarium is a great opportunity for the whole family to see the wonders of God´s underwater creations. Believe it!

Points of Interest

Fish and More from the Tropical Rainforest

Ripley's Aquarium features a vast collection of aquatic animals from tropical rainforests, the oceans depths, and coral reefs. The rainforest exhibit reflects the diversity of life found in some of the world's most diverse wildlife areas.

There you can see some really bizarre fish that stump evolutionists but testify to the Creator's creative design. Rather than any link between land and sea creatures, each of these unique fish are distinctly fish, with specially designed, fully functional traits that enhance life in their unique environments. Don't miss the land-walking mudskipper, the air-breathing arapaima, and the four-eyed fish that can simultaneously see above and below the water's surface.

Also look for design features that allow creatures to survive in a Fallen world, such as the notorious piranha, poison dart frogs, and the green iguana (featured in the magazine's Jan.–Mar. 2009 Darwin issue, p. 72).


Image courtesy of Ripley´s Aquarium in the Smokies

Cruising With Sharks and Rays

A walk through the Shark Lagoon is likely to be an experience you won't forget. As a moving 340-foot "glidepath" transports you through an underwater tunnel, see thousands of fish of every shape and size, including giant stingrays and sharks.

Many scientists look at the similar cartilage skeletons of sharks and stingrays, and claim that they share a common ancestor. But this mistaken conclusion is based on assumptions about unobserved events in the past, not observations or eyewitness records. God's Word reveals to us that God made every distinct kind of water creature on the fifth day of creation, each blessed with its own means of movement and multiplication.


Image courtesy of Ripley´s Aquarium in the Smokies

Bizarre Beauties

The Gallery of the Seas boasts a collection of strange and spectacular sea creatures that—the exhibit itself claims—look like they were created by an artist. The color and beauty of the octopus, the seahorse, coral, and jellyfish do, indeed, testify to the handiwork of the greatest artist of all.


Image courtesy of Ripley´s Aquarium in the Smokies

Helpful Tips

  • At, you can purchase a pass that will get you into all of Ripley´s attractions in Gatlinburg, including the famous Ripley´s Believe It or Not! Museum.
  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the best places in the eastern USA to get a glimpse of black bears in the wild.
  • Nearby, Dollywood is one of the most family-friendly theme parks in the USA.


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