National Museum Cardiff

Natural History

The extensive exhibits on plants and animals make this museum a quality place to study the variety of God´s created kinds. You will also find the best UK dinosaur exhibition outside London.


Cathays Park, Cardiff, UK

Situated amongst the civic buildings of Cathays Park is the National Museum Cardiff. Its unique combination of art (featuring works from some of the world´s most famous artists) and science displays sets it apart among other British museums. Its extensive exhibits on plants and animals make this museum a quality place to study the variety of God´s created kinds.

In the Biodiversity and Systematic Biology exhibits, your family will have the opportunity to see God´s creativity. Their extensive collection of insects, crustaceans, mollusks, birds, mammals, and even some extinct creatures give you a chance to explain to your children how God created amazing variety within each animal kind.

While the Evolution of Wales galleries present the standard evolutionary timeframe of earth history, alongside its impressive display of specimens and dinosaur skeletons, this provides a good opportunity to discuss how the facts about dinosaurs must be interpreted, based on the Bible as your starting point.

Points of Interest

Leatherback Turtles

Our Creator put so much variety in the original created kinds. Take the turtle for instance. Approximately 250 species are known today. At the National Museum of Wales, you will see leatherback turtles, the largest turtle in the world, growing in length from 2 inches at birth to 4–8 feet (1.2–2.4 m) in adulthood.

Leatherback Turtle

Darwin in Wales

The museum celebrates Charles Darwin as a revolutionary scientist. It focuses on his beliefs about plant and animal species and explores his connections with Wales, including his frequent hikes in north Wales. As you explore the museum, discuss what Darwin really observed (variation within kinds) and what he concluded in his famous book, On the Origin of Species.

Charles Darwin

Seasonal Exhibits

The museum offers several temporary exhibits throughout the year. Check their website to see which exhibits are currently featured.

Two Women Knitting

Helpful Tips

  • Drop by the Glanely Discovery Gallery. There the entire family can handle some of the museum´s objects and get an insider´s perspective on some of the collections.
  • Admission is free, but you may want to bring some extra money for the restaurant, coffee shop, and gift shop.
  • If you want to take pictures, you will need to fill out a Declaration Form at the Information Desk. Non-flash photography is allowed in most of the exhibits.
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