Mystic Aquarium


Witness first-hand some of God´s most amazing creatures, from cute beluga whales (which you can actually touch) to deadly poison dart frogs. Don´t miss the fluorescent coral exhibit.


Mystic, Connecticut

Visiting New England? You can´t go wrong with a visit to beautiful Mystic, Connecticut, home of the historic Mystic Seaport (a must-see for history buffs) and the Mystic Aquarium, where you can witness first-hand some of God´s most amazing creatures, from cute beluga whales to deadly poison dart frogs.

While there, don´t miss the fluorescent coral exhibit, an eye-popping example of the beauty of God´s creation, as well as the potential for humankind—scientists continue to study fluorescence for medical research. And those beautiful poison dart frogs are not just deadly; medical researchers believe their poison can produce a painkiller more powerful than morphine.

Other exhibits and attractions include sea lion shows, a discovery lab, ancient shipwrecks and a recreated hull of the Titanic, a Hidden Amazon (including piranhas safely behind glass; a bat cave; and the world´s largest spider, the bird-eating goliath tarantula), African penguins, and, of course, a New England staple—the American Lobster exhibit. There are numerous educational programs and even a 3D "ride" available to guests as well.

Visit the Mystic Aquarium´s website for more details at

Points of Interest

Hands-On Fun!

The Ray Touch Pool is an opportunity to see and feel some of God's most enchanting creations—the gentle cownose ray. Watch them as they glide gracefully through the water, close enough to touch! The cownose ray likes to swim near the surface of the water, making him an ideal "hands-on" exhibit for children and adults. He might even splash you! Rays, like sharks, are cartilaginous fish—fish with cartilage instead of bones.

Touch Tank

Beautiful and Deadly!

Within the Hidden Amazon exhibit are the poison dart frogs, a bright spot in any visit to the aquarium.

Poison Dart Frog

Oh, Those Cute Beluga Whales!

White beluga whales, recognizable for their color as well as their friendly, smiling faces, are native to the cold ocean waters of the Atlantic.

Beluga Whale

Helpful Tips

  • Visit the Mystic Aquarium website for show times, special events, driving directions, and ticket prices:
  • Relax at the Penguin Café and the gift shop.
  • Make time to see a sea lion show.
  • Beat the crowd; purchase tickets online.
  • Remember to get your tickets validated. You can return the following two days after the date on your ticket, with validation.
  • While in Mystic, be sure to visit the historic Mystic Seaport, an authentic nineteenth-century fishing village.
  • Love seafood? You´ve come to the right town.


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