Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


Experience the history of American space exploration.


Titusville, Florida

Just one hour away from Orlando, Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is the premier destination for experiencing the history of space flight in the United States. Not only is it the launch site for past and present space flights, but its visitor complex features over a dozen attractions, including exhibits and displays dedicated to the legacy of pioneering astronauts and the colossal vehicles that carried them on their voyages. Among many other attractions, the center showcases discussions with veteran astronauts, educational IMAX shows, and an exciting space shuttle launch simulator.

At the outdoor Rocket Garden, you and your family can witness replicas of historic rockets and crawl into the cramped capsules that astronauts called home. The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame pays tribute to the accomplishments of the men and women who led our exploration into space and allows you to get a firsthand experience with various astronaut training simulators.

While most of the exhibits and displays are devoted to the achievements of American space flight, a walk through the Hubble Telescope Exhibit reveals captivating images of stars, galaxies, and nebulas, which beautifully demonstrate the creative mind and power of the Creator.

Points of Interest

The Heroes of Space

The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame features exhibits dedicated to the brave men and women who voyaged beyond Earth, including two spacecrafts and a vast collection of personal memorabilia. After you pass through the Hall of Heroes, you can enjoy hands-on activities that replicate the training and experiences of astronauts, including a G-Force trainer that lets you experience four times the pressure of gravity, a space shuttle landing simulator, and a rover for riding across rocky Martian terrain.

Hall of Fame

Historic Rockets

At the Rocket Garden, you can see a collection of historic NASA rockets, including the Redstone, Atlas, and Titan rockets that were among the first models used in manned space flights. You can also board replicas of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo capsules that the very first astronauts rode in space, and experience their cramped quarters.

Rocket Garden

By User:Kolossos, via Wikimedia Commons

Walking Through the Galaxy

Perhaps the most beautiful display at the Kennedy Space Center is the Hubble Telescope Exhibit. See captivating images of stars, nebulas, and galaxies from the Hubble Space Telescope that testify to the glory and creativity of God.

Hubble Exhibit

Image courtesy of NASA

Helpful Tips

  • The Visitor Complex includes several buildings, each with its own attractions. Since you need to walk outdoors between buildings, be prepared for warm weather and sun.
  • The Kennedy Space Center offers several dining venues, as well as the opportunity to reserve a seat for the daily Lunch with an Astronaut. See for specific venue information.
  • The Orlando area is home to many other attractions, which means that lodging may be difficult to find during the peak tourist season. Plan ahead and reserve your accommodations before leaving home. Check for more information.


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