Creation Road Trip Games

on June 9, 2006; last featured July 28, 2018

Do you or your children get weary over the long miles of traveling to your favorite vacation spots? Try some of these travel games to pass the time and focus everyone’s attention on God and his creation.

  1. Creation Guessing Game: One person thinks of an animal, plant, or something else God created. The others try to guess what it is by asking “yes” or “no” questions. The one who guesses correctly within 20 questions gets to be “it.” If no one guesses correctly, the original “it” wins and gets to be “it” again.
  2. Creation Bingo: Before you leave home, make several “bingo” cards with names or pictures of different aspects of creation in the squares (e.g., bird, dog, cat, tree, flower, cloud, stream). Cover your cards with clear contact paper. Using wipe-off markers, children mark their cards as they spot the items. The first one to complete a straight line says “creation!” Note: bingo cards have 5 rows and 5 columns.
  3. Animals on the Ark Memory Game: The first person starts the game by saying, “Onto the Ark God sent two of every kind of _______________.” (God sent two of the unclean animals, seven of the clean animals and birds [Genesis 7:2–3].) He names one kind of land animal or flying creature, beginning with the letter A, that survived the Flood on the Ark. The second person repeats the sentence, includes the animal named by the first, then adds his own, this time using the letter B. Try to get through the entire alphabet (remember, Noah took with him representatives of, for example, the horse “kind,” but not Clydesdales, Arabians, Zebras, Thoroughbreds—these are all descendants of that ancestral horse kind.)
  4. I Spy: Mom or Dad names something (like, “A brown horse”). The first one to spot something that fits the description calls, “I spy.” If playing just for fun, the person who “spies” the object gets to name the next thing to search for. If your family likes a bit of competition, keep score for a prize or reward immediately with candy, stickers, or other small items.


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