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The Creation Museum, an over 75,000-square-foot facility, allows families to experience earth history as God has revealed it in the Bible. Exhibits feature animatronic dinosaurs and professional displays that honor God´s Word.


Petersburg, Kentucky

Wow—I don’t know what to think. My teacher says that carbon dating proves the fossil record is millions of years old. My pastor says that the earth is only six thousand years old. How can I know who’s right?

Today many families find themselves in a state of confusion over what to believe about such issues as the origin of the various animals, the truth about dinosaurs, and the origin of “races.” So where do you start? The Creation Museum shows why God´s infallible Word, rather than man´s faulty assumptions, is the place to begin if we want to make sense of our world.

This 75,000-square-foot facility allows families to experience earth history as God has revealed it in the Bible. Exhibits feature fearsome animatronic dinosaurs, talking heroes of the faith, and professional displays that honor God´s Word. The museum also boasts a fun-filled special effects theater, a state-of-the-art planetarium, a petting zoo area, nature trails, and lots more.

At the heart of the Creation Museum is a chronological retelling of biblical history in seven parts, called the Seven C´s. Guests step back in time, beginning with Creation, and fast forward to Christ´s return. Along the way, they see how God´s Word provides the big-picture answers for our most difficult questions, whether about science, the Bible, or our personal relationship with God.

No matter what your question, the place to start is God´s Word. The Creation Museum reinforces that truth in every room, from first to last.

Points of Interest


The area within the museum has been divided into unusually configured spaces that allow for personal interaction with over 160 exhibits. Several parts of the museum, including the stunning forty-foot high portico with its cliff wall and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, flaunt open spaces and remarkable designs.

Be amazed by the animatronic dinosaurs and children, the waterfall, the towering trees, large aquarium, and live animal exhibits. See a world-class dinosaur skeleton of Allosaurus fragilis, which is believed to have one of the best-preserved Allosaurus skulls ever discovered. Explore a high-tech exhibit that uses holograms to study the anatomy of “Lucy,” refuting the evolutionary claim that she is a “missing link.”

Check out the museum website and even take a virtual tour to learn more.

Allosaurus Exhibit

Stargazer’s Planetarium

The Stargazer’s Room features a Digistar 5 digital projection system—providing a full-color, high-resolution environment that is truly awe-inspiring.

Sit back and be amazed as the projector displays vividly realistic cosmic images upon a 30-foot-diameter dome, allowing viewers to travel anywhere in the universe.

In addition to the Stargazer’s Planetarium and the dozens of informative videos throughout the Creation Museum, there are several more shows that you don’t want to miss!


Eden Zoo and Camel Rides

A visit to the Creation Museum isn’t complete without a stop at the Eden Zoo and petting zoo area across the lake from the museum! The petting zoo area is a fun place for children and adults to experience close up encounters with unique animals, including a zonkey, a zorse, and Australian wallabies.

The Eden Zoo and petting zoo area is designed to give guests a hands-on experience with some of God’s amazing creatures. Friendly dromedary camels are often available to give rides.

Camel Ride

Botanical Gardens and Zip Lines

The Creation Museum’s beautifully themed gardens and three-acre lakeinvite guests to enjoy more than a mile of paved and accessible trails. Cross over five bridges and view a variety of waterfalls as you explore the Koi Pond, Carnivorous Bog Garden, Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden, Rainforest Garden, a mining sluice and more. During Christmas Town each year, the gardens are beautifully decorated with a spectacular display of tens of thousands of lights!

The museum grounds feature over two-and-a-half miles of zip lines and sky bridges. It is the biggest and best zip line course in the Midwest!

Botanical Gardens

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