The Wildest Goose Chase in Scientific History?

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I must admit that I’m not a scientist. In fact, when I accepted the position of editor-in-chief at Answers magazine last year, it was not because I was particularly fond of looking at Paramecia under microscopes or scraping away dirt to expose fossilized shark teeth.

I’m content to leave those pleasures to my school days. Instead, I prefer to look over the shoulders of creation researchers, while they get their hands dirty.

But why should we care about what they’re doing? Are they wasting their time on a wild goose chase?

I think not. Consider their goal, as spelled out in this issue: “Starting with the facts of God’s Word and world, we fashion models to know God and see His truth.”

When anyone comes face-to-face with the Creator and sees Him at work, no matter what his background or interests, I believe his life will be changed forever. If we put God’s Word first in any area of our lives, including science, it is sure to rock our world (Isaiah 55:11).

During my years as content manager of the Creation Museum, I had the privilege to meet many of the experts in creationism and see their research firsthand. Listening to them, I began to see that the first eleven chapters of Genesis, as well as God’s natural world, are inexhaustible goldmines for understanding the nature of our Creator and serving Him better in this world. And we’ve only scratched the surface.

One of the goals of the museum— and now the magazine—is to share some of the excitement of these researchers and the value of their discoveries. Because their work is based on God’s Word, it can revolutionize our thinking and turn our world upside down.

Since they have rejected the authority of God’s Word, they are missing the key to interpreting the world correctly.

“Mainstream” scientists are the ones who should be concerned. Since they have rejected the authority of God’s Word, they are missing the key to interpreting the world correctly. As a result, it appears that they are pursuing one of the wildest goose chases in scientific history.

By going back to God’s Word, we can see the world much more clearly. Suddenly, mainstream ideas make better sense (see “The Missing Piece,” p. 61).

I don’t mean to speak hyperbole here. God’s Word is just as powerful as it’s ever been, and God’s people continue to play a central role as salt and light in the world. Just as the Lord used the “little people” of Paul’s day to turn the world upside down, He will continue to use those who are faithful to boldly proclaim His truth.

In future issues, I hope to share some of the encouraging projects and initiatives now going on in creationism—and what they mean for our world.

So stay tuned!

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