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It may not be possible to build a Creation Museum in your city, but everyone can do something to bring such teachings closer to home. Celtie Johnson tried something in her corner of the world. She approached her pastor about starting a “creation corner” at church, and he agreed.

They literally filled the “corner” of the bookstore with creation books, DVDs, free booklets, and copies of Answers magazine. In addition to books and DVDs for sale, at least twenty different booklets and books are available for free, thanks to the generosity of several church members.

The creation corner has caught on. In particular, parents of children in public school are enthusiastic. Celtie says that these students are more willing to question evolution in the classroom because they feel more equipped by these resources. Homeschool parents and students are also glad to have the materials available.

Celtie explains the motive that makes such “small” efforts big: “Each and every Christian should know at least some of the abundant scientific evidence for God’s creative work and the real age of the earth.” Science should increase our love and appreciation for the Creator, and the right resources help make this possible.

Celtie offers simple advice to those thinking of starting a creation corner:

  • Run the idea by your pastor and make sure he is on board.
  • Display a poster or sign that shows people what’s available.
  • Offer free booklets if you can.
  • Allow people to preview material before purchasing it.

Some ministries and Christian publishers, including Answers in Genesis, make books and other resources available at special discounts if they are to be sold via an in-church bookstore (or even a “creation corner,” such as this).

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