Christian Values


Modeling Modesty

Much has changed since God clothed Adam and Eve with the first animal skins. Yet the basic purpose of clothing remains the same—to cover the body. God emphasizes the importance of modesty throughout Scripture. God calls Christians to a different standard than the world, and young people need to understand both how and why to implement modesty with regard to clothing choices.

Christians, Flags, and Biblical Banners

To those who have fought to defend the nation represented by the stars and stripes, this patterned cloth holds immense significance. For many citizens our flag powerfully embodies the heritage and history of the United States. With so many flags and logos surrounding us every day, Christians rarely stop to consider what God’s Word says about how His people ought to regard these symbols.

True Biblical Charity: Delivering Both Help and Hope

In their rush to avoid any hint of pursuing an empty “social gospel,” many Christians may have missed the mark when it comes to the gospel’s natural outflow—helping people in need. Our views toward a lost and suffering humanity are not meant for the easy chair. One could say that our worldview must have not only a mind but also a heart, arms, and legs.

Articles About Christian Values


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