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What do you get when you combine 34,900 Legos from Denmark, 150 school-aged children at an innovative summer camp in Illinois, and a few experienced architects who believe that Genesis is literal history?

Harvest Bible Chapel near Chicago came up with something for the record books: a scale model of Noah’s Ark.

At last year’s “High 5” summer camp, leaders decided to try something very unusual. The children helped build a 1:37 scale Ark that measured 12 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 1.5 feet tall (3.7x0.6x0.5 m).

Lego Model of Noah's Ark

The largest Lego model of Noah’s Ark” is 12 feet long and made with 34,900 Legos. Photo courtesy 000

To allow a look inside the Ark, the builders left a section open to reveal the lower, second, and third interior decks. They also added a rainbow and the words of Genesis 6:8, “But Noah found favor with the Lord.”

The Ark remained on display for several weeks at the church campus in Elgin, Illinois, and it landed them a listing at for “the largest Lego model of Noah’s Ark.”

The lesson? God really did command Noah to build a massive ship, approximately 450 feet (137 m) long, designed to withstand the ravages of the year-long worldwide Flood. We—and the land animals around us—are the descendants of the eight who survived on the Ark.

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