D-Day-February 12!
Charles Darwin has been celebrated and commemorated on stamps around the world

D-Day-February 12!


In recent years, secular humanists have been increasingly celebrating ‘Darwin Day,’ commemorated annually on or near the birth date of evolution popularizer, Charles Darwin*–February 12.

In recent years, secular humanists have been increasingly celebrating “Darwin Day,” commemorated annually on or near the birth date of evolution popularizer, Charles Darwin1-February 12. Evolutionary activists across the United States, especially at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA), will be holding special events, writing letters to the editor, and participating in talk show programs on or about that date.

An examination of the “Darwin Day” Web site simply confirms that the people behind this international celebration are promoting a worldview much more than they are a scientific model of origins. They are actually advancing the non-theistic religion of secular humanism. The following words and phrases found on the site confirm this: for example, participating in Darwin Day is “a common bond to be shared among members’; “an opportunity to celebrate together’; “enjoy the excitement of life which holds the promise of developing a Secular Global Consensus,” and so on.

This year’s “Darwin Day” comes on the heels of a six-part documentary promoting evolution (’The Triumph of Life’) that has been televised around the United States on the Public Broadcasting System. And as Ken Ham will reveal in his next monthly letter (March 2001)2 to US readers, prominent evolutionists are also on the offensive in many other areas (e.g. even running humanist youth camps across America to promote humanistic ideas).

If you would like to help counter the increasing evolutionary propaganda spread by the international media, government-run schools, and secular humanist groups, please consider a gift to this Bible-proclaiming and evangelistic ministry.

While we expose the bankruptcy of Darwinian evolution, the AiG ministry has a positive and even more important message: the Bible is true from Genesis to Revelation, and the Gospel message is valid in this scientific age.


  1. Evolution was not an original idea with Darwin. The ancient Greeks believed in a form of evolution, and even Darwin’s grandfather had formulated his own view of naturalistic evolution. Hence, Darwin is better described as a popularizer of “molecules-to-man” evolution.
  2. This article by Ken Ham will also be posted to this Web site some time in March. If you live in the US and would like to receive this letter (and future ones) in the mail, you can sign up online. If you live in UK/Europe, NZ, Australia or Canada, note that many of Ken’s newsletter articles are also utilized in your country’s ministry newsletter.


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