Not Ashamed

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“Not ashamed,” our theme this year, is both a reality and desire for me in 2010. I am not ashamed, but I also want to be even bolder in the days ahead.

I am not ashamed to be a Bible-believing follower of Jesus. He is the glorious Creator God and my Savior who suffered and died to pay the penalty for my uncountable sins and proved it by His virgin birth, His teachings, His miracles, and His resurrection from the dead. He is worthy of my absolute trust and obedience, regardless of the opposition and any suffering I may face in the future.

I am also not ashamed to stand for the literal historical truth of Genesis 1–11, which is the foundation of the gospel. Evolution and millions of years are two of the greatest myths ever forced on the minds of men. I want to do all I can to expose those myths and equip people to believe, boldly proclaim, and defend the truth of Scripture from the very first verse.

When so many theologians and other Christian scholars and leaders are compromised with evolution and/or millions of years and seem ashamed to believe Genesis, I want to graciously but boldly challenge their thinking and teachings that are unintentionally and unknowingly undermining the authority of Scripture.

The church and the world desperately need Christians who are unashamed of Christ and His Word, Christians who will live the truth, proclaim the truth and suffer for the truth so that many of those who are now lost in sin and under the judgment of God may be liberated from the lies that deceive them and may come to know the saving mercy and grace of God through Jesus Christ. I want to be one of those Christians. Will you join me and others?

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