Museum Dialogue with an Atheist

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Part of my responsibilities at AiG is to give 5–7 lectures in the Creation Museum each month. Afterwards I go to the Dragon Hall Bookstore to answer questions and interact with people. Recently I talked for an hour with an atheist.

After a brief time of chitchat he informed me that the Bible was not trustworthy because it had many errors and contradictions. So, I quickly grabbed my Bible and said, “Would you please show me one?” As so often happens in such cases, he couldn’t. So, he switched topics: “Prove to me scientifically that God exists.”

We spent some time discussing his faulty view of science and knowledge as well as the evidence of creation and his conscience that show him that there is a God (as Paul teaches in Romans 1:18–20 and Romans 2:14–16). We also talked about the claims of Christ to be God and some of the evidence confirming that claim, namely, his miracles and his bodily resurrection.

It seemed to me to be a friendly interchange, and at the end I gave him a couple of DVDs dealing with some of the scientific evidence that confirms Genesis and Josh McDowell’s book More than a Carpenter. And I agreed to send him an email with links to a couple of articles that dealt with his specific objections. In that email I reiterated and supplemented some points that I felt that I had not adequately expressed in our conversation.

I got a reply back from him this week. Sadly, he revealed his completely closed mind with regard to the book and DVDs I gave him. Satan has him trapped in deception, and, as Romans 1 says, he is suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. Atheism is so irrational.

Pray with me that the Holy Spirit will do His work of conviction and bring others into this man’s life to water the seeds I planted and to confront him again with his Creator and his sin and God’s remedy.

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