The British Are Coming! Best of British Bible and Science Conference

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“The British are coming; the British are coming!” Yes, once again the British are coming to the United States, but this time for a different reason.

In May (5–6) I will be visiting the United States along with Answers in Genesis associate speakers Professors Stuart Burgess and Andy McIntosh, and Brian Edwards for the Best of British Bible and Science conference at the Creation Museum. The conference will also feature two of our adopted British brothers from the commonwealth of Australia, Ken and Steve Ham.

At the conference we will be covering a number of relevant issues regarding the Bible and science today. Due to the increasing number of evangelical scholars who are denying the supernatural creation of Adam, I will be addressing the importance of the supernatural creation of the first man, Adam, and his relationship to the last Adam, Christ. I will also be speaking on Jesus’ view of creation and Scripture and why it is important for us as Christians to believe as our Lord did. Although many critics of the Bible argue that archaeology disproves the Bible’s history, Brian Edwards will show us that actually the archaeological evidence supports biblical history.

From his expertise in design, Professor Burgess will tell how our world has been uniquely designed and, more importantly, point us to the one who designed it. Professor McIntosh will speak on how his belief in the Creator has led him to mimic the designs in living things. A fantastic example of this would be how the bombardier beetle inspired him to design fuel injectors. He will also describe how science, mathematics, and beauty can only be accounted for in light of God’s revelation of Himself in Scripture.

There is a super early bird discount for the conference that ends on March 1, 2017, so sign up and receive a 25% discount. Your ticket to the conference also includes free admission to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Please consider joining us for this unique conference, and learn how to stand your ground against the lie of evolution and millions of years and proclaim the truth for the glory of Christ.

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