Introducing Professor Stuart Burgess

UK Creation Mega Conference 2017, Inspiring a Genesis Reformation

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Professor Stuart Burgess has taught engineering and design at Cambridge and Bristol University in the UK. He has published over 150 secular papers on design in engineering and design in nature. He has seven patents and has carried out design projects for industry, including designing parts of rockets and spacecraft for the European Space Agency. He also speaks on issues such as Why Biblical Creation Is Good Science and The Uniqueness of Man.

After Professor Burgess spoke at the 2014 Mega conference, the 1,200 people in the audience gave him a standing ovation! It was really the climax of the last Mega Conference. The people in the audience recognized that if someone like Professor Burgess was prepared to make such a public stand for God’s Word beginning in Genesis they needed to do likewise.

At the 2017 Mega Conference, October 26–28, 2017, Professor Burgess will be giving a talk titled “Answering Objections to the Design Argument.” Here’s what he has to say about it:

Secular scientists and the media often dismiss the biblical account of creation as nonscientific and not a credible explanation of origins. For example there are claims that creation has examples of bad design, and there are claims that creation and intelligent design is a type of god-of-the gaps explanation. My talk will give answers to such objections. I will explain, for example, that the human eye is not a bad design but a brilliant design. I will also explain that, rather than the biblical account of creation, it is actually evolution which is god-of-the-gaps. Several other answers to objections will be given.

Once again there is a vital need for the church to defend the teaching of Genesis. Christians need to be aware of the attacks on God's Word and need to be equipped to deal with those attacks. As the great founding scientists saw during the scientific revolution, true science supports the teaching of Genesis. Even after Charles Darwin, great scientists like Maxwell, Kelvin, and Fleming could see that true science supports the Bible. The 2017 Mega Conference will give some of the latest exciting discoveries that support biblical creation. Please consider joining us for this unique, faith-building conference.

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