A Foundational Battle

by Ken Ham on March 26, 2024
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I’ve had many Christians express dismay at what they see as a plethora of problems in the culture—such as abortion, gender issues, LGBTQ, gay “marriage,” racism, and so on. They have said to me that there are so many problems to battle—we can’t fight them all. It’s almost like they want to throw their hands in the air and give up, as the problems seem so overwhelming.

Secular worldview

Sadly, many churches haven’t taught people to think foundationally, and thus they don’t understand that all these issues have the same problem. They are all different symptoms of that problem.

Had churches been teaching foundationally, Christians would understand our thinking starts with God’s Word—in particular, with Genesis chapters 1–11, the foundation for everything. Because so many Christian leaders have compromised Genesis 1–11 with evolution/millions of years, most Christians have not been taught the foundation for their doctrine and a true biblical worldview.

Many Christians just look at what they perceive as the “problems” and try to figure out how to take these to the Bible to understand what to do. But those with a true biblical worldview know that God’s Word beginning in Genesis is the foundation for that worldview. They also know there are ultimately only two foundations for people’s worldviews—God’s Word or man’s word.

Secular worldview

That is why this is a major emphasis of the Answers in Genesis ministry.

For those who build their thinking on man’s word, a worldview of moral relativism results.

For those who build their thinking on man’s word (the foundation of the secular education system), a worldview of moral relativism results. Thus, marriage is however they define it. Because man is seen as just an animal, abortion is no different than killing an animal. People who are aged and infirm are seen as a drain on the health system and therefore euthanasia should be used to stop their suffering and costly care. Gender is plastic and one can (try to) change gender using drugs and surgery if they want.

When a person builds their thinking on God’s Word, their worldview is determined by God our Creator. Thus, God created marriage, so there’s only one marriage—one man and one woman. Humans are made in the image of God, so abortion (at any stage) is murder. God made only two genders of humans: male and female.

Secular worldview

Two foundations with two very different worldviews. The clash we see happening in our culture is one between two totally opposite worldviews, and at a foundational level, it’s a battle between God’s Word and man’s word.

The problem is that people have built their worldview on the wrong foundation of man’s word.

Once we understand the real battle is at the foundational level, we understand that to battle all the social issues (abortion, gender, gay “marriage,” racism, etc.), one must recognize them as symptoms of a foundational problem. The problem is that people have built their worldview on the wrong foundation of man’s word.

Now, if all those social issues are the same ultimate problem, they must have the same solution. And they do. The solution has always been the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel.

Many, though, have been indoctrinated to think the Bible is an outdated book of mythology and that science proves it can’t be trusted, particularly in its history in Genesis 1–11. That’s where apologetics provides answers to the attacks on God’s Word and shows we can defend the Christian faith. That’s why Answers in Genesis provides scientific and biblical answers to the questions of our day that are used to attack and undermine God’s Word.

The solution has always been the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel.

So the solution to the social issues is to battle at a foundation level. To do that, we need to raise up generations who know how to think foundationally and are equipped with apologetics.

Sadly, most churches don’t do any of this, which is why most Christians don’t know how to battle in the right way concerning all these social issues that are catastrophically changing the culture. One of the consequences of this lack of teaching is that we are going to see increased persecution against Christians who stand boldly on God’s Word.

The battle is a foundational one.

We need to be like the “wise man who built his house on the rock” (Matthew 7:24) and understand how to deal with the “foolish man who built his house on the sand” (Matthew 7:26).

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