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by Ken Ham on March 24, 2024
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Answers TV is our Christian streaming service providing nature shows, adventure programs, family-friendly educational videos, science content, and so much more from a truly biblical worldview. And I have exciting news regarding one of our popular science programs—and a new show coming soon!

Unlocking Science: Season 5

Season 5 of the popular Unlocking Science program is now on Answers TV!

Join Mr. P and special guest Dr. Danny Faulkner in episode 1 of this new season as they glorify God by studying and unlocking the secrets of God’s amazing creation.

In this episode, Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner discuss the forces of gravity and buoyancy and how their interactions create the net force that allows an object to float or sink. In their experiments, they show how the density of the object also affects this.

Head out on location with them as they demonstrate how the load distribution of weight changes how an object is balanced.

  • Mr. P and Dr. Danny Faulkner
  • Buoyant Force slide
  • Archimedes principle slide
  • Mr. P and Dr. Danny Faulkner in a boat
  • What Floats Your Boat? Avoid a Sinking Situation
  • Unlocking Science featuring Roger Patterson
  • Answers TV

Understanding this science helps us learn about Noah’s ark.

As told in Genesis 6–9, God gave Noah the specific dimensions to build the ark. Engineers have studied the dimensions and found that it gave the ark a tremendous amount of stability to withstand the crashing waves of the global flood.

Yes, you and your family can learn how to build a biblical worldview in every area by watching programs like Unlocking Science.

Creation Cooking: Coming Soon!

Our Answers TV film crew started shooting the first episode of a brand-new TV show called Creation Cooking.

In this episode, the key ingredients were limes and eggplants. They made honey-lime shredded chicken and Brazilian lemonade. With the eggplant, they made baba ghanoush and eggplant Parmesan.

  • New show Creation Cooking
  • Filming set of Creation Cooking
  • Camera filming Creation Cooking
  • Film crew setting up a shot
  • Cutting a lime
  • Preparing a plate
  • Creation Cooking logo on a basket

Be on the lookout for this new show to hit Answers TV this fall.

You can enjoy all of this content—plus thousands of other programs—with a free seven-day trial of Answers TV. A one-month subscription is only $4.99 a month (or $39.99 for a whole year) and is a wonderful way to equip your family with answers to defend their faith and help them build a more biblical worldview.

Start your free trial today at

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