There’s Never Been a Commentary Like This One!

by Ken Ham on November 21, 2021
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There’s never been a commentary like this one—it’s unique in the world! What am I referring to? Well, a brand-new commentary that answers every question I’ve been asked about Genesis chapters 1–11 over the past 40 years! This is a project I’ve wanted to do for years, and I am so excited that Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families is now available.

Creation to Babel

This book is a “devotional commentary,” written with the family in mind, on the foundational chapters of the BibleGenesis 1–11. You’ll discover what God has revealed about himself, what we can know about ourselves, how Genesis points towards Christ, receive answers to many of your questions about the Genesis text, and more in this new commentary.

I recently chatted with AiG speakers Bodie Hodge and Avery Foley about Creation to Babel and why it’s such a wonderful resource for families. I encourage you to watch this interview:

Order your copy of Creation to Babel, or consider purchasing a few copies as Christmas gifts (what a great study to start in the new year!) at And, by the way, the e-book (e.g., Kindle) is available right now, so you can start enjoying the commentary today.

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