Dr. Charles Ware Shares on Grace Relations

by Ken Ham on June 24, 2020
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As the national racism crisis continues to rage throughout the United States, Christians must be equipped to think biblically and respond with compassion, biblical truth, and the gospel.

Here at Answers in Genesis, we have been sharing articles and videos on a biblical perspective on race and how we are all one blood (Acts 17:26). We are even offering, for a limited time, our 2019 conference One Race, One Blood for free on Answers.tv. (No subscription required for this particular series for a limited time.) My friend Dr. Charles Ware, who co-authored the book One Race, One Blood with me, recently shared about healing the so-called “racial divide” on the Moody Radio Network.

Dr. Ware also spoke on the Bott Radio Network on grace relations. It was slightly longer than the Moody Radio interview—it includes details from Dr. Ware’s life and testimony.

I also did an interview on this issue with the Bott Radio Network. I shared more about how we're one race from a biblical and scientific perspective, including how the Tower of Babel impacted the human race, giving rise to different ethnicities. I also shared how evolution has been used to justify a particular kind of racism. Then I presented the gospel as the ultimate answer to racism.

Please listen to these excellent, biblical, and gospel-based interviews and share them with others. Our world—especially the church—needs to hear this message!

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