A Doctor’s Journey from Evolutionist to Creationist

by Ken Ham on June 21, 2019
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When I think back to my 20s (those days before I had to start dying my hair to show people I was getting old – well, that’s what I tell people anyway)—I remember how few creation apologetics resources there were. It was hard to find books that affirmed the truth and authority of God’s Word when it came to this issue of origins. That’s why I am so passionate about the multitude of resources Answers in Genesis produces—we want to get as many answers into as many hands as possible.

I grew up in a wonderful Christian home where my father emphasized biblical authority and taught us as children to trust God’s Word always, no matter what the liberal skeptics at the time were saying. Therefore, I’ve always believed what God’s Word said when it comes to Genesis.

But others, such as my good friend Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor, have a different story. Tommy came to faith in Christ as a teenager and was told God used evolution to create. He believed in theistic evolution before finally getting his hands on some resources that affirmed the truth of God’s Word and totally revolutionized his thinking, giving the Bible authority in his life—and now he works for Answers in Genesis!

You can hear the full story from Tommy here, in this episode of Pure Talk. The Pure Talk show is also available to watch on Facebook and is a production of Pure Flix, the leading faith and family-friendly video streaming service.

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