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Pure Flix/Answers Magazine Super Special Offer

Pure Flix, Answers Magazine, and More!

Super Special Offer

The Pure Flix + Answers magazine super-combo includes one year of faith and family movie streaming, plus one year of faith-confirming Answers in Genesis resources! You get well over $200 of amazing entertainment and education options for less than the price of a single AiG DVD per month.

Watch inspirational faith and family movies, TV shows, and uplifting originals with no language, sex, or violence surprises! Plus you can immediately stream hundreds of AiG’s popular teaching and Bible study videos.

PureFlix.com content available on all devices

Sign up for a $99.99 annual membership* and you will receive:

  • First month free
  • Annual print subscription to Answers magazine—one of the top-awarded Christian magazines in America!
  • Digital subscription to Answers magazine (to go on all devices in your household)
  • 8 digital downloads**
  • Answers Insider newsletter

Over $200 value for just

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*The Pure Flix + Answers magazine package for US addresses only.

**Digital downloads may include video, audio, or e-book of Answers in Genesis’ choosing.


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