Fight Child Hunger with Summer of Hope

by Ken Ham on June 22, 2019
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This summer, 22 million children in the United States face the threat of missing daily meals as school meal programs stop for the summer break. But you can help these hungry children! Answers in Genesis is partnering with our friends at Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) to provide meals and gospel hope for these children. We have already partnered with CHF through our Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs, and kids in the VBS programs have provided millions of meals for needy children all over the world.

This Summer of Hope campaign will combat child hunger right here in the US, while providing the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those needy children and families. A mere $0.25 provides one meal and a full Food Pak costs only $12. The CHF goal is to raise enough money to provide one million meals for hungry kids this summer.

I encourage families to consider raising money for CHF’s Summer of Hope campaign. Get your children involved, opening their eyes to the needs around them and encouraging selflessness and generosity.

We love CHF because they don’t merely meet the physical needs of those they minister to. They also meet the spiritual needs of these individuals by pointing them towards the life-saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ—locally and around the globe.

I encourage you to get involved with Summer of Hope today. Learn more and donate at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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