What’s in Your Church Library?

by Ken Ham on October 21, 2018
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What’s in your library? October is Church Library Month, a good time to consider what’s in your church’s library and perhaps add some Answers in Genesis apologetics resources for kids, teens, and adults. These books and DVDs will help equip your church to stand boldly on the authority of God’s Word, answering the skeptical questions of our day and age. But what should you plan on purchasing for your library?

Well, if you look through the library and can’t find any Answers in Genesis resources, consider starting with the basics:

  • The New Answers Books Vol. 1, 2, 3, and 4. These four volumes answer the most common questions about creation/evolution, the age of the earth, dinosaurs, science, and the Bible.
  • The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years. This book is what I call the textbook of our ministry—other than the Bible, of course. It highlights why the issue of the age of the earth, evolution, and a literal Genesis is so important.
  • A Flood of Evidence. This book (which is really book number five in The New Answers Book series) answers 40 questions about the flood, Noah’s ark, geology, and more.
  • The Answers Books for Kids. This eight volume series answers real questions kids have sent us. The answers are short but detailed, and parents and their children will both benefit from the what they will learn.
  • The Answers Books for Teens. Similar to The New Answers Books, this two-volume set answers questions that teens specifically have on a variety of issues, always pointing young people back to God’s Word and the wisdom and truth found within.
  • Foundations Curriculum Set. This DVD set contains six hours of me teaching on the age of the earth, the race issue, death and suffering, and more. This curriculum is great for home or group study as an introductory course on creation apologetics.

If your church already has most, or all, of these resources, consider bulking up your apologetics section with other faith-affirming resources, such as some of our newer titles, a magazine subscription, or more children’s resources:

  • Replacing Darwin. How well do the claims of Darwin and evolutionists after him hold up in light of what we now know about genetics? This book, written by geneticist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson who holds a PhD from Harvard, will open your eyes to the scientific bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas.
  • Answers magazine. Consider a subscription (or several) to our award-winning apologetics/Christian worldview magazine, Answers. It is packed with biblical worldview and faith-building teaching, as well as a mini-magazine for kids to enjoy.
  • World Religions Conference 8 DVD Set. Increasingly Christians are working with, living next to, and meeting people from various world religions. How do we reach these lost souls with the message of the gospel? This eight DVD set from our World Religions and Cults Conference last year will prepare you to share the gospel with whomever you might meet.
  • Gospel Reset. How can we share the gospel in an increasingly secular, anti-God, biblically illiterate culture? This easy-to-understand book will help equip your church to share the gospel, starting at the beginning in Genesis.
  • Genesis, Science, and the Culture War. Dr. Georgia Purdom and I had the unique opportunity earlier this year of speaking at a secular university campus. This DVD presentation, including a question and answer session, will equip your church to understand the issues of our culture foundationally, giving them the right response to those they share the gospel with.
  • All You Need to Know About the Bible Book Set. These six books answer nearly any question you can ask about the Bible including do we have the right books, can we trust it, how did we get the Bible, and more.
  • Remarkable Rescue, When You See a Rainbow, A Special Door, and Inside Noah’s Ark 4 Kids. These four ark-themed children’s books will get them talking and thinking biblically about the flood, the ark, the animals, and God’s judgment and mercy.

And if your church is in Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, we now have online stores that will ship to you directly from your own nation! When you visit your country's site (links below), you’ll automatically start shopping from those stores, saving you expensive shipping and customs fees.

See all of our resources and place your order today at AnswersBookstore.com.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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