Great Testimonies of the Flood

by Ken Ham
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The evidence for the global flood is all around us—the rocks cry out their testimony to the truth of God’s Word. Sadly at most of the sites of these great testimonies to the flood and its aftermath, the signage refuses to acknowledge how this catastrophe and its aftermath shaped geology. Instead they appeal to slow, gradual processes over millions of years to explain various geological features. But when you reject the greatest catastrophe off all time, you won’t come to the right interpretation of the evidence!

We encourage people to view natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Arches, and more through the lens of what Scripture teaches about Noah’s flood. These geological features are explained much better through the lens of the flood and its aftermath, rather than through slow and gradual processes over millions of years. Evolutionists are even beginning to realize that catastrophes have shaped much of our geology, but because they continue to ignore the flood, they have the wrong timeframe and cause.

For example, when you look at the world starting with God’s Word, you can see that the layers that form Grand Canyon were laid down during the flood, but the canyon itself was likely carved when a glacial lake, formed during the post-flood ice age, breached its dam and caused a massive flood. Yosemite is likewise an ice age feature, formed from glaciers that dramatically carved the landscape. The layers that form the arches at Arches National Park in Utah were laid down during the flood and the arches were subsequently carved by post-flood weathering.

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