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by Ken Ham on August 23, 2018
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It was great to see Pastor Gerald Harris back at the Creation Museum last week. Gerald is the editor of the Christian Index online newspaper, which is a well-trafficked site for Christian news, produced by the Southern Baptists of Georgia. Gerald hails from the Atlanta area and is an influential Southern Baptist leader, writer, and speaker. A big focus for Pastor Harris is to ensure the Southern Baptist leadership stands up for biblical authority from the first verse in Genesis.

On his return to the Creation Museum after many years, Gerald not only had an opportunity to see the updates and many improvements to the attraction, but he also provided an inspirational devotional to our staff last Thursday morning on the proper Christian witness to a lost and dying world.

Pastor Gerald Harris Speaking During AiG Staff Meeting

Pastor Harris also visited the Ark Encounter (for the first time) and interviewed several guests about their experience at our internationally renowned Christian themed attraction. He was happy to see for himself that the major theme of the Ark Encounter is to present a very clear and precise presentation of the gospel. He noted the massive door on the inside of the ark depicted physical salvation for Noah and his family, just as Jesus Christ today is our spiritual salvation.

Pastor Gerald Harris at the Ark Encounter

Here is his article, with photos, on his visit with us. We look forward to a future article in the Christian Index where Pastor Harris will feature his return visit to the Creation Museum, 45 minutes away.

Answers in Genesis is grateful for Pastor Harris’s visit after his recent return from Italy, where he and his wife celebrated their 55th anniversary.

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