“Anyone Who Desires to Share Christ . . . Needs to Read This Book”

by Ken Ham
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My brand-new book, Gospel Reset, has been so popular it’s already headed for its second printing. This book will help you understand the method we need to use to share the good news of Jesus Christ in our increasingly secular culture. And several prominent pastors and Christian leaders have already read it and sent us their reviews.

Dr. Johnny Hunt

“Things have changed, yes even the world we live in. However, our message is unchanging, and Ken Ham gives clear, concise, and compelling hope to reach this changing world with the good news of Christ.”

Dr. Johnny Hunt, senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention

Dr. Ronnie Floyd

“When we understand the times, we will know what to do. This even includes the way that we communicate the gospel with other people. The Gospel Reset book by Ken Ham presents the enormous challenges we face today, but thankfully, it also gives us practical ways we can communicate this gospel in a relevant way effectively. Anyone who desires to share Christ with other people or proclaim God’s Word in today’s world needs to read this book. Get one for yourself and then share another one with a friend.”

Dr. Ronnie Floyd, senior pastor of Cross Church in Arkansas, president of National Day of Prayer, and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention

Dr. Brad Jurkovich

“Ken Ham has provided an incredibly urgent, clear, and compelling resource that will help Christians everywhere to be strong in their faith and able to speak gospel truth in today's culture. As a pastor I am very excited to have this book as I know it will help our church in its mission to reach our generation for Christ.”

Dr. Brad Jurkovich, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Bossier City, Louisiana

Barry Cameron

“The unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of our ever-changing world. But what if our presentation of it keeps people from hearing it or responding to it? That’s the premise of Ken Ham’s new book. The majority of our young people leave the church when they leave home and never return. Why? Because they were never taught how to defend their faith or how to deal with their doubts. What if we could change that? What if we could equip believers in every age and stage of life to boldly and effectively share the Good News and stand up for the truth of God’s Word instead of standing down when the Bible is under attack? The church no longer has home field advantage in the world. But we can still win, and Ken Ham shows us how.”

Barry Cameron, senior pastor of Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie, Texas

Dr. Robby Gallaty

“Western culture is consistently moving farther and farther from an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In large part, this is due to the fact that many today do not have a foundational trust of the Bible. In Gospel Reset, Ken Ham builds the case for presenting the gospel from Genesis to reach this current generation. Every follower of Christ will benefit from reading this book.”

Dr. Robby Gallaty, pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church and author of Growing Up and The Forgotten Jesus

Lloyd Pulley

“In a culture becoming less and less biblically literate, it is becoming increasingly important to give people the foundation that makes salvation necessary. Ken Ham does a great job showing how we can communicate God’s truth well in a post-Christian age. This book is a good read for anyone looking to refine the way they evangelize.”

Lloyd Pulley, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

I share more about this book—and why I believe Christians need to read it—in this short video:

We believe this book is a powerful resource to equip the church in how to effectively reach this culture for Christ. The gospel hasn’t changed, and the Bible hasn’t changed. But the culture has changed. However, if we want to remain effective, we must change how we present the gospel as our culture changes.

I encourage you to order your copy of Gospel Reset today from AnswersBookstore.com.

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