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by Ken Ham
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There’s always something exciting happening at the Creation Museum. Most days we offer a variety of workshops from experts such as anatomist Dr. David Menton, singer/songwriter and dinosaur sculptor Buddy Davis, and forensic expert and education specialist Dr. Jennifer Rivera. Dr. Rivera is the one behind our Explore Days, popular full-day events packed with workshops on specific topics (these days always sell out well in advance). And, for the first time ever, we’re offering Explore 5-Day Summer Camp. Check the Creation Museum website for daily schedules of events.

We have two weeks of camp this summer, June 11–15 and July 23–27, 2018. The first camp covers genetics, geology, forensics, astronomy, and zoology. The second camp dives into forensics, botany, human anatomy, astronomy, and zoology. And on the astronomy day, both camps include an overnight here at the Creation Museum. Your kids will be fascinated by the hands-on science and the biblical worldview. It will be a week they won’t forget! These programs fill up quickly.

Recently, Jeremy, from our social media team, and staff writer Avery Foley, joined Dr. Jennifer Rivera for a sneak peek at what kids can expect at Explore 5-Day Summer Camp, specifically the botany day. As you’ll see in this video, it’s very hands-on and packed with science and biblical worldview teaching.

Registration for the June camp closes on May 16 and closes for the July camp on June 27, so you’ll want to register right away to ensure a spot. Learn more and apply today at

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