Kentucky Tourism Journal Features Interview with Ken Ham

by Ken Ham on May 12, 2018
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Each month the journal from the Kentucky Travel Industry Association (KTIA) features an interview with a leading member of the travel industry, and this month I was interviewed. I shared about the success of our Ark Encounter Christian themed attraction. The Ark has had a tremendous economic impact since we opened in July 2016, bringing in well over a million visitors a year and pouring millions of dollars into the Kentucky economy.

Motor-coach tour bookings are up 20% in 2018, meaning that thousands of people will be arriving over the spring, summer, and fall on tour buses from across the nation. We estimate 95% of our visitors come from outside the tristate of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Every day, we also welcome international guests. People are coming from all over to see this world-class attraction and our sister attraction, the Creation Museum, in Northern Kentucky. We’re thrilled about the economic, and more importantly, spiritual impact these attractions are having.

I encourage you to read this interview article on KTIA’s website and learn more about how the Ark Encounter is impacting the state.

Missionary Pastors Visit the Ark Encounter

We get visitors from all around the world at the Ark Encounter. Just recently a group of missions pastors, all former members of the Antioch Baptist Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, came to the Ark as part of their multistate bus tour.

Three years ago, this group visited the Creation Museum, when the Ark was not yet open. Now serving on mission fields all over the world, these pastors (mostly ministering now in Asia, especially Korea) have known each other for years and travel together whenever they can. Here they are (with some family members).

Missionary Pastors

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