Was There Really an Ice Age?

by Ken Ham
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Glaciers, mammoths, and saber-toothed cats (sometimes called saber-toothed tigers)—those are just some of the things that immediately spring to mind when we think of the Ice Age. But some Christians wonder if there really was an Ice Age. Where does it fit in biblical history? Actually, it’s not biblical creationists who have a challenge explaining it. Secular scientists who propose dozens of ice ages throughout the past have some major hurdles to overcome!

You see, there are many lines of evidence that strongly suggest there was indeed an Ice Age in earth’s history. Now, what you need to form an ice age is much more than just a cold earth. Warm waters are required, so you have excess evaporation and cooler temperatures, especially summers, so this precipitation falls as snow and doesn’t melt. And the Flood of Noah’s day provides the key!

The Flood, about 4,350 years ago, explains the Ice Age!

Intense volcanic and tectonic activity during the Flood would significantly warm the ocean waters. This would result in heavy evaporation. The volcanic activity would fill the atmosphere with ash and particles called dioxides, which would block sunlight, dropping the global temperature (we’ve observed this on a small scale with small volcanoes). This would lead to cooler temperatures and summers, allowing snow and ice to accumulate quite quickly without melting. Eventually the Ice Age peaked, and then declined, within several hundred years of the Flood.

The Flood, about 4,350 years ago, explains the Ice Age! Evolutionists don’t have a mechanism that would drive such an ice age, but creationists do!

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