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by Ken Ham
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Ready for summer? Well, the newest issue of Answers magazine, arriving in mailboxes soon, will certainly get you in the mood! The cover feature gives you a tour of “The Ultimate Beach House”—the vast array of gorgeous shells that house various sea creatures.

Answers Magazine Cover

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After you see the stunning photos and fascinating facts, you’ll never look at shells on the beach the same way again! (And special subscriber exclusives include a virtual peek at the Creation Museum’s vast, behind-the-scenes shell collection that you won’t see anywhere else.) If you aren’t a current subscriber, be sure to sign up today so you don’t miss this great issue.

This newest volume also features a look into the claim that Jews, Muslims, and Christians all worship the same God; how DNA tests confirm our family connection with Noah; the practical prickles of a creature called the lowland streaked tenrec; and so-called vestigial organs. You’ll also find my article on the clarity of God’s Word—can we really know what God’s Word means? There are more than 20 articles, so you’ll also enjoy

  • “Wired for Awe.” Everyone experiences awe—even atheists. Can they explain it away?

  • God’s Seed Bank.” By God’s unique design, forests are already preparing for the next big catastrophe.

  • Saturn

    Read “Saturn—Jewel in the Creator’s Showcase” and learn about the clear testimony to Saturn’s young age and the fact that it had a Creator.

  • Saturn—Jewel in the Creator’s Showcase.” The space probe Cassini ended its 20-year mission with an amazing discovery that didn’t make the headlines: Saturn’s rings are clearly young, and the planet had a Creator.

  • The Misplaced Faith of Isaac Newton.” Both naturalists and Bible-believing Christians claim Newton as their hero. But whose side was he really on?

  • “Is Natural Selection at Odds with Creation?” The claim that biblical creation rejects natural selection is based on an outdated notion.

Each issue of Answers also features our exclusive pullout mini-magazine for kids. In this issue, kids will learn about shells on their own level—and they’ll be amazed by the “houses” that grow with their invertebrate hosts. Children will love learning about creation and the God who made all of it.

The award-winning Answers magazine arrives at your home six times per year and has something for everyone in the family. Subscribe today at, and we’ll even give you your choice of one of several video downloads for free (a $9.99 value!).

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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