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by Ken Ham on February 25, 2018
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The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise in Genesis 9:13 that he would never again send a worldwide (i.e., covering the entire globe) flood. It’s a message of his judgment on sin yet his mercy to save us from judgment. Sadly, a form of this symbol has been adopted by the LGBTQ community as a symbol for their rebellion and sinful lifestyle. Well, at Answers in Genesis we’ve been “taking back the rainbow” to remind people of its true meaning.

The rainbow really can be a segue into the gospel message.

The rainbow really can be a segue into the gospel message. This colorful natural phenomenon reminds us that God judges sin and man’s wickedness—he did so at the time of the Flood, and he will do so again. But his coming judgment won’t be with water—next time it’s with fire. The good news is that God is a merciful God. Just as he provided a way of salvation for Noah and his family from the Flood, so has he provided a way of salvation for us today.

That way of salvation is our “Ark,” the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, when Adam and Eve (the first two people) rebelled against God, they brought sin and death into creation. And now we all sin and deserve death because of our sin. But Jesus stepped into history as a descendant of Adam, lived a perfect life, and chose to die on the Cross, taking the penalty of death that we deserve for us. And three days later he rose from the grave, defeating death! We can be saved by putting our faith and trust in Christ and what he did for us. The gospel is a powerful message and one the world needs to hear!

In a time when the rainbow is being used to promote a sinful lifestyle, we need to teach our children about the rainbow’s real meaning and point them toward the mercy of our Savior. To help you spark these conversations, we now offer several rainbow-themed resources you may find helpful including the following:

Taking Back the Rainbow T-shirt

Taking Back the Rainbow T-shirt. With two eye-catching designs, in either black or charcoal, these trendy T-shirts proclaim the true message of the rainbow. These are certain to be a conversation starter.

Taking Back the Rainbow Bumper Sticker

Taking Back the Rainbow Bumper Sticker. Adorn your vehicle with a catchy bumper sticker proclaiming that the rainbow’s true meaning was established in Genesis 9:13.

Rainbow Projector

Rainbow Projector. This fun projector puts a full-color rainbow on your walls or ceiling. A great way to enjoy the beauty of a rainbow while teaching your children its true meaning.

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