Answers for Women: “The Conference Seems to Get Better Each Year”

by Ken Ham
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Want a women’s conference filled with meat from God’s Word and practical answers you can put to use in your day-to-day life instead of the fluff and stuff many are used to? Join us in Northern Kentucky for Answers for Women, April 6–7, 2018. Each year these conferences, put together by AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom, are very popular. Women love the depth of Bible teaching and the way they leave feeling strengthened in their faith.

Here’s just some of the feedback we received from last year’s conference, including how affordable the event is:

I appreciate how you have an insight into the hot topics that attack our churches and faith. You help us combat them by effectively equipping us for spiritual battle. All of your conferences have been wonderful, but I feel the best prepared to serve Christ and the battle against Him by this weekend’s speakers.

We hear a lot of good speakers for the price. Thank you for keeping it affordable. We have a small church in a poor area, so money is not readily available to some of our people. We can make a way for all who want to attend at the price.

The conference seems to get better each year. Thank you for holding to the authority of God’s Word and equipping us to give an answer both through good session content and the books and other available materials. It’s awesome to have some place to bring our people where we can trust the content will be God-honoring, and the biblically based music was great also.

The content was very faith building. I only wish I could get more people to come hear it. I’ve been to several AiG conferences. I’ve never been disappointed. This one was really great. The messages were very relevant to questions I’ve been talking about with some friends.

Of all the Answers for Women’s conferences, I think I’ve missed [just] one. I look forward to this every year. I so desire to stand on the foundation of Christ and his Word and encourage and help others to do the same. The information I gain every year is invaluable and leads me to search the Scriptures and discern and defend truth.

I was really looking forward to this one. It wasn’t exactly as I expected—[it was] even better! Each talk was fabulous—all emphasized the Word.

Always challenged. Always expanded on the view around me. I tend to be very focused on what’s near and not really aware of what is going on in the world beyond.

As you can see, women love this conference, and many return year after year to get equipped to think biblically and to live out this knowledge. As she’s planning each conference, Dr. Purdom puts particular emphasis on making the information practical. She doesn’t just want a group of women who know a lot—though that’s important: she wants to see a group of women who know what God’s Word teaches and know how to use that information to make an impact for Christ in their homes, churches, and communities.

Fair Trade Gift Box

Register for Answers for Women Conference 2018 between February 7 and February 28 for an opportunity to win this fair trade gift box.

I encourage you to come to Answers for Women and consider bringing a group or even your teenage daughters. You will be blessed and encouraged. This year’s theme is very relevant for the day we live in—Life: Contending for Life from Beginning to End. You’ll be equipped to have life-affirming discussions and share biblical principles with others when it comes to hot-button topics like euthanasia, abortion, disabilities, sex trafficking, and more.

Register today at The conference will be held at the excellent facilities of Florence Baptist Church, halfway between the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.

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