Get Tickets Now for Is Genesis History? Anniversary Showing

by Ken Ham on February 14, 2018
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Do you have your tickets to see Is Genesis History? in movie theaters across the US for the special anniversary showing on February 22, 2018? If not, you’ll want to get your tickets before they sell out. You’ll enjoy not only a fantastic documentary that affirms God’s Word as truth, but also a brand-new bonus feature—a tour of the Ark Encounter with Del Tackett (host of the film and head of the popular The Truth Project) and three Wheaton College students from Illinois.

This must-see documentary was shown to packed theaters last year and has continued to be popular since its release on DVD. It features over a dozen scientists and other experts, including several from Answers in Genesis. With host Del Tackett, you’ll travel to Mount St. Helens, dive into the ocean, and enter world-class museums.

Here’s a trailer promoting this special anniversary showing:

This is a great opportunity to take your family, friends, or church group as an outreach event!

This special anniversary showing, with the new bonus content, is coming to over 850 US theaters for one night only. Learn more and find a showing near you at

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mally!

Well, today is Valentine’s Day. And, just in case no one believes me, here’s photo evidence that I bought my sweetheart a dozen roses and gave them to her this morning. I was being so romantic—and her response? “Okay, who did you get to buy them and drop them in?” I can’t believe she would ask such a question—after all, I did tell our daughter to use my credit card for them.

Mally with her Valentine’s Day roses

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