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by Ken Ham on October 26, 2017
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What would it be like to spend a night at the museum (the Creation Museum, that is)? Well, you can find out with our special Overnight Adventures program. This exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunity allows you to take a flashlight tour of the museum in N. Kentucky, watch a special video presentation, enjoy breakfast and a planetarium show, and, of course, sleep in the museum.

Our overnight events (offered at the Ark Encounter as well) have been incredibly popular, and we’re already booking into 2018. If your group would enjoy this special adventure, be sure to book soon before the nights sell out.

Appalachian Bible College, on our list of colleges at CreationColleges.org list, recently brought a group of freshmen to the museum for an overnight adventure. Here’s what three of the students on the trip had to say about their experience.

The trip was awesome! . . . I had the blessed opportunity to visit the museum and the Ark with my grandparents back in May, and all I can say is that if I could visit both every week for the rest of my life, I most definitely would. Visiting the museum answered many questions I had, even some I didn't even know I had! Anyone who has questions on the earth’s origins and the birth of sin and what's yet to come, I would definitely send them there. The museum connects it all in a way that honors God and stays true to his Word.

— Olivia

My experience was not much like the movie [“Night at the Museum”]—but it was way better! No, the dinosaurs did not come alive, and the small wax figures didn't walk and talk, but there was life in another way. The life of the Bible! I was ironically blessed with waking up way earlier than I had wanted. I got up a few hours before the others and took this time to slowly . . . study the dinosaur and insect exhibits; it was in those moments that everything I knew and believed to be true were strengthened by seeing the reality of the biblical Creation. Let me say this to you: this is not a place of fiction and make believe, but a beacon of light in the darkness of the Darwinian evolutionary worldview. Come and see for yourself!


This was my first time visiting the Creation Museum. It was very exciting to spend the night in the museum and be able to walk through the exhibits in the dark! The staff was very friendly and provided awesome snacks and breakfast.

I would recommend this museum to any person struggling with belief in God or with God literally creating the earth in Genesis. Not only do they use biblical and scientific evidences to defend the Bible, but in literally every exhibit the gospel of Christ is expressed in some form or another. There is no reason why any person who walks in the doors of the Creation Museum should not either be strengthened in their faith or have heard the great news of redemption through Christ. . . .

So if anyone has any doubts about whether God literally created the earth or if Jesus literally died for them, they need to first go to the Bible and then to the Creation Museum!


Learn more about having your own Overnight Adventure and visiting the Creation Museum at CreationMuseum.org.

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