Get Equipped to Contend for Life at the Answers for Women’s Conference

by Ken Ham
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Scripture is replete with commands to care for and give justice to the oppressed and the vulnerable. And the most vulnerable in our society today are the unborn, the disabled, the exploited, and the elderly. Our culture is increasingly devaluing human life, putting the lives of precious humans, made in the image of God, at risk. Get equipped to contend for life at our upcoming Answers for Women conference on April 6–7, 2018.

Our Answers for Women’s conferences were started by Dr. Georgia Purdom, who serves on staff as a speaker and researcher. She had a burden for a women’s conference that dealt with in-depth biblical answers and addressed issues we’re wrestling with today. Many women’s conferences barely crack open a Bible and are full of “fluff-and-stuff.” So Dr. Purdom started a women’s conference that actually digs into God’s Word and addresses hard-hitting issues from a practical angle. She doesn’t just want to give you head knowledge—she wants to equip your hands to battle. So to help challenge women of all ages, she has gathered knowledgeable speakers who are experts in their respective fields. This year’s speakers will start with God’s Word to give the knowledge you need to contend for life.

These conferences have been popular, with more women attending each year, so much so that they have outgrown our Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum and we have moved the conference to a nearby church. Women are excited to get into God’s Word and allow it to shape their thinking in all areas. Our Answers for Women conference is a fantastic weekend getaway for a ladies group or a mom with her teen daughters. You’ll enjoy times of worship, fantastic teaching, and fellowship with other sisters in Christ as you grow in your knowledge of God.

Be a Super Early Bird

Register now, before November 1, 2017, to receive the super early bird discount. For just $104 you can register to attend both conference days, enjoy a delicious lunch on Saturday, and receive complimentary admission to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum (a $60 value).

Don’t miss out on this faith-affirming, practical women’s conference. Register today.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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