Answers Magazine “Forever Changed My Life”

by Ken Ham
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We love hearing from people who have been influenced by the ministries of Answers in Genesis. It’s exciting to hear about what God is doing in hearts and minds around the world. We recently heard from someone whose life was changed when she picked up a copy of our award-winning Answers magazine in a most unlikely place.

Answers Magazine

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“I Longed for Real Answers”

Here’s what she wrote us:

I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and have loved the outdoors and nature my entire life. When I became a Christian in 1991, I longed for real answers to the world and all the life in it. As a new Christian, I wanted to read about nature, and National Geographic magazines just didn't cut it. . . . I was doing my laundry in a laundromat one day, and someone had left a copy of your magazine there, and forever changed my life.

–Connie from Colorado

We’re thrilled that someone left a copy of Answers for someone else to find and flip through while they waited for their laundry to dry. That person’s decision made a big impact on this woman’s life! She finally had the answers she’d been searching for.

If you would like to receive the world-class Answers magazine, our bi-monthly apologetics magazine, subscribe on our website. And when you’re done with it, why not consider ways to get it into the hands of others that are searching for answers, such as donating your copy to a library or leaving copies where you can—or buying a gift subscription.

“I Would Like to See It All Again”

We received another letter from someone who toured both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, our two Christian themed attractions in Northern Kentucky. She shared this about her visit:

This year I toured the Creation Museum and Ark. Amazing! I came away with a better understanding of the Flood, the layers of earth and fossils found in each, and so much more, and better able to talk with others about it. Reading dimensions of the Ark in the Bible gave me no picture in my mind of size. It is huge! I learned so much, would like to see it all again.

–Blanche from Pennsylvania

We love hearing about how the full-size Noah’s Ark and the museum have brought the pages of the Bible to life for our guests.

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