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by Ken Ham
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Apologia TV, an upbeat apologetics program hosted by “Jeff the Ninja,” “Luke the Bear,” and “Joy the Girl,” recently called me via Skype and interviewed me about the Ark Encounter. I’ve enjoyed being interviewed by Apologia TV in the past, and this time we talked about the upcoming Ark Christmas program, the attendance figures, and the misinformation spread by the media and many secular bloggers about our Ark attraction and the Creation Museum. We also discussed our campaign to take the rainbow back—to reclaim God’s symbol (Genesis 9:13)—with the beautiful rainbow lights at the Ark Encounter. I encourage you to watch this interview.

Apologia TV Broadcast

Watch this Facebook video interview of me with the crew of Apologia TV.

Christmas Program in 90-Degree Heat

We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather here in Northern Kentucky recently. Well, on one of these warm days I was interviewed for two hours at the Ark Encounter for a TV program that will air around Christmas time. With the 90-degree temperatures and the warm TV lights, it was hot!

Filming a Christmas Program at the Ark Encounter Filming a Christmas Program at the Ark Encounter Filming a Christmas Program at the Ark Encounter Filming a Christmas Program at the Ark Encounter


I recently had a special visitor stop by my office—Shea Houdmann, the founder of Got Questions Ministries. Their apologetics website, GotQuestions.org, hits a lot of general apologetics topics, is broader in focus than AnswersInGenesis.org, and gets more daily web visitors than we do (which is saying something—last year we had over 27 million unique page views on our main website!). Shea’s team also wrote our chapter on Jehovah’s Witnesses in our World Religions and Cults Volume 1.

Ken Ham with Shea Houdmann of GotQuestions.com

Shea Houdmann, founder of Got Questions Ministries, with me at the Answers in Genesis headquarters.

GotQuestions.org has many apologetics articles that line up with our approach to Genesis. Now, in their effort to represent what all Christians (not just biblical creationists) believe about Genesis, be aware that not all the articles do line up with our approach. GotQuestions.org states that they prefer the young-earth interpretation of Genesis as historical narrative and literal days, but some articles allow for a more secular interpretation, and we would have a problem with those articles. The site, due to its coverage of doctrinal and denominational differences, does get into some theological topics that AiG, as a biblical authority apologetics ministry, does not address (you can learn more about what we do and do not address in this article: “Where Do We Draw the Line?”). At the same time, we are pleased that the site does often link to us for further information, including for young-earth creation questions.

We’re thankful for the overwhelming media interest in the Ark Encounter—it helps get out the word about this attraction. And as more people come, they will be exposed to the good news of Jesus Christ and the message of biblical authority.

Plan your visit at ArkEncounter.com.

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