What Will Fruit Flies Be in 40 Million Years?

by Ken Ham
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A recent study of mutations in fruit flies sought to determine how evolution has shaped the humble fruit fly over the past 40 million years and how these mutations will affect fruit flies in the future. Well, we’re all in for a big shock—brace yourselves. According to their research, after 40 million years of future mutations and evolution, fruit flies will become . . . fruit flies!

Researchers grew 200 generations of fruit flies and noticed small mutations in their wings that resulted in changes in the width or location of the wing veins. Based on this study, and their statistical modeling, the researchers claim

the small mutational changes occurred in the same pattern as evolution throughout the entire group of fly species . . . [and] also are predictive of the next 40 million years of evolution.”

So in 40 million years fruit flies will be fruit flies, just with slightly different wings due to alterations in the flies’ DNA. Sure sounds like molecules-to-man-evolution to me (tongue in check)!

Fruit flies won’t evolve into something else, even if you give them 100 million years. God created each organism to reproduce “according to their kinds.” Fruit flies produce fruit flies and they always will.

I remember experimenting with fruit flies in university back in the 1970s. My professors told me that we were looking at evolution “before our very eyes”! Yes, that’s really the best evolutionists can do—show that there’s changes within kinds and then claim that they are evidence for evolution!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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