New Anatomy and Physiology Homeschool Resource from AiG Now Available

by Ken Ham
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One of the ways we help spread the message of biblical authority and the truth of God’s Word is by partnering with homeschool parents. We seek to provide solid, Bible-based homeschooling science resources to foster a love of science, God, and his Word in young people—and build a truly Christian worldview in them. And we’re excited to announce that our newest homeschool volume, The Nervous System, is now available.

AiG’s Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor, has written our Wonders of the Human Body anatomy and physiology series. The first two volumes looked at the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The Nervous System is the third volume in the series.

The Nervous System is an in-depth study of the body’s master control system. Geared toward junior high students and loaded with helpful illustrations and photos, this well-written book covers topics such as

  • How nerve signals are generated throughout the body
  • How these nerve signals are transmitted to and from the brain
  • The structure of the brain and how it processes input from the body
  • Our senses—sight, hearing, taste, and more

I encourage you to consider The Wonders of the Human Body as your homeschool anatomy and physiology curriculum.

You can learn more about The Nervous System or order all three volumes from our online store.

Online Homeschool Apologetics Courses

If you are looking for a homeschooling resource that will provide your high school student with solid answers and a biblical worldview, I encourage you to check out our online courses. We offer five recently updated online courses that focus on apologetics teaching. These classes include two available right now:

And three more coming soon:

These classes are a fantastic resource for your high school student or even for yourself as you prepare to teach. You can learn more and register on our website.

Resources You Can Trust

As you prepare for the upcoming homeschool year, I encourage you to check out our online store and website for some exciting resources to help you teach your children. Many homeschooling resources on the market promote evolution, millions of years, and other unbiblical teachings. Equip your children with truth and answers with resources you can trust.

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