LGBT Activist: We’re Going “to Punish the Wicked” Christians

by Ken Ham on August 11, 2017
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In a recent interview, gay activist and donor Tim Gill declared that his organization is going “to punish the wicked.” And who are these wicked people? The so-called “religious right,” mentioned by name, but of course he also means any other group that stands against gay “marriage” and rights.

Activists for the LGBT community in the United States are growing increasingly hostile, particularly toward Christians who stand on God’s Word and advocate for biblical marriage. In the past, the gay community claimed they just wanted tolerance. Now, they want everyone to celebrate and approve of their lifestyle. And they are growing increasingly intolerant of those who decline to do so. Sadly, many people have posted hate-filled tweets and comments on my Facebook because of AiG’s stand on biblical marriage based on Genesis.

In this interview, a friend of Gill’s states that “[Gill] really believes and expects that everyone should be treated equally . . . without regard to sexual orientation, without regard to anything.” But does “everyone” and “without regard to anything” extend to Christians and the biblical teaching that marriage is for one man and one woman? No, it doesn’t! Really, Gill is only tolerant of those who agree with him, and he only wants equality for those who agree with him—but this isn’t tolerance at all! Gill doesn’t want equality—he wants Christians to be treated as second-class citizens and punished for their deeply held convictions and beliefs that come from God’s Word.

Think about it: many in the LGBTQ movement accuse Christians of hate when they stand against gay “marriage” based on the Bible’s teachings—yet it’s the response of those in this movement that often exhibit considerable hate toward Christians.

As our western cultures continue to drift from God’s Word and as activists increasingly turn people against Christians, we can only expect attacks like this to continue.

As our western cultures continue to drift from God’s Word and as activists increasingly turn people against Christians, we can only expect attacks like this to continue. In the midst of slander and attacks, we must stand boldly on the authority of the Word of God and speak up for truth, keeping in mind what Jesus said: “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you” (John 15:18).

And, contrary to what many people claim, we don’t stand up for biblical marriage because we hate gay people. We don’t! We love them and desperately want to see them reconciled to God and living in obedience to him and his Word. That’s why we must call sin what it is, and point everyone—including gay people—toward the gospel of Jesus Christ and the peace and forgiveness that he offers.

It would be much easier just to join the ranks of those who support and celebrate gay “marriage.” But easy doesn’t mean right. Just as we won’t cave to cultural pressure and embrace fornication or pornography as morally right, so we won’t cave to the pressure to celebrate gay “marriage.” Instead we will do what the church has been called to do and lovingly make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19), pointing people to the true freedom found only in Christ.

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