Combatting Spiritual Illiteracy with Answers Bible Curriculum

by Ken Ham
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Two-thirds of American young people are walking away from the church by the time they reach college age, with very few returning. It’s a massive exodus from the church. Our national research indicated that one of the major reasons behind this exodus was a lack of apologetics training—many young people simply don’t know what the Bible teaches or how to defend what they believe. So, to help parents and churches address this problem, we developed Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC).

ABC—A for apologetics, B for biblical authority, and C for chronological—is now a four-year Sunday school course that goes through the Bible chronologically from Genesis to Revelation. It spans kindergarten to adult and is synchronized across ages so everyone learns the same thing at the same time. It’s packed with theology, doctrine, and apologetics. Your Sunday school groups will be amazed at the depth of the lessons, which reveal how Jesus can be seen throughout the whole Bible—even in the Old Testament.

I recently met with Bryan Osborne, one of our popular speakers and our ABC specialist (he taught Bible history for 13 years in the public school system) to discuss ABC over Facebook Live. I encourage you to watch this video and consider using ABC for your church, home, or Christian school.

You can learn more and try a month for free at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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