Muslim Refugees Find a Place in European Churches

by Ken Ham
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It’s easy to get caught up in the fear, confusion, and hopelessness that seem to define our era. But, instead of focusing on the troubling circumstances, we need to remember who our God is—He’s the God who is sovereign over history and whose plans no one can thwart (Job 42:2). I was recently reminded of this truth when I saw a Fox News story titled “Muslim Converts Breathe New Life into Europe’s Struggling Christian Churches.”

Christianity in Europe has long been in the decline and, from a Christian perspective, seems almost dead spiritually in most nations. Many churches are closing their doors as Europe becomes increasingly secular. Well, according to Fox News, many Muslim refugees who have fled the political turmoil in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, are finding hope in Christ and the church. Matthew Kaemingk, author of an upcoming book on Christians and Muslim immigration, says,

European churches have struggled for decades to share the gospel with modern secular Europeans. . . . They have found Muslim immigrants to be much more open to the message of Christianity. . . . The average Muslim newcomer in Europe experiences a tremendous amount of societal pressure. They experience racism, poverty, exclusion, discrimination, language and cultural barriers, and a deep sense of displacement. . . . Their sense of homelessness is not only geographical, it is spiritual. Churches who offer these Muslims real and meaningful hospitality are seeing some surprising results.

It’s exciting that God is using terrible circumstances to advance His gospel. In some of the countries that these refugees and immigrants are coming from, it is illegal to be a Christian. As they leave these places, they have an opportunity to hear the gospel and respond. What a tremendous opportunity for Christians to reach out to them!

As Christians, are we responding to Muslims in our own neighborhoods and workplaces with fear and discrimination? Or are we recognizing that they are descendants of Adam, just like us, with the exact same sin problem and need of the same solution, the gospel of Jesus Christ? We need to be intentional about showing Christ’s love and sharing the saving gospel message with a world that is lost, hurting, and in need.

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