Best of British Conference Coming to the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

Naturalistic and evolutionary thought is everywhere in our Western world. When you turn on nearly any so-called “science” television program, open a magazine, or just listen to the news, you’re likely to hear about millions of years, evolution, or naturalism. In fact, a member of the US House of Representatives has even filed a new resolution to exalt Darwin and push evolution in education—ultimately such measures will undermine education and twist children’s minds.

Since the Bible and creation are almost completely gone from public schools, education scores have gone down while violence has gone up. Really, it’s a state-funded religion of evolution imposed on education and an indoctrination of millions of kids.

Are you equipped to show the flaws of naturalism and evolution and to defend the biblical account of creation in our increasingly secular culture? Get equipped by joining us May 5–6, 2017, for the Best of British Bible and Science Conference here at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. It’s not often our American supporters get the opportunity to hear from the top British creation apologists, including scientists who are leaders in their fields. So you won’t want to miss this special event!

Get a sneak peek from one of our conference speakers, engineer Dr. Stuart Burgess, in this short video:

Registration includes two days of valuable teaching from British experts, along with my brother Steve Ham and me, and tickets to both the Creation Museum next door and the Ark Encounter (45 minutes away). Register before March 1, 2017, to receive the early-bird special (a 25% savings)!

Learn more and register on the outreach page of our website.

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