Ark Visitors from Ukraine

by Ken Ham
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We get visitors from all over the world at the Ark Encounter, our world-class attraction in Northern Kentucky. Over the summer a group from the Wood-Mizer (a company that makes portable sawmills and wood-processing equipment) dealership in Ukraine came to see this architectural wonder—the largest timber-frame structure in the world. The group organizer said they “had such a fantastic time.”

Wood-Mizer’s magazine published an article about their visit in their Ukrainian edition. Two thousand copies are distributed to Wood-Mizer customers and woodworkers throughout Ukraine. The story was also published in the African and Asian editions, which are sent to 8,000 homes and businesses. People around the world are hearing about Ark Encounter in ways we never envisaged!

Wood Mizer Cover Wood Mizer Group

Wood-Mizer Saw Mill at the Ark

During the construction of the full-size Ark, we used a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill on-site to help with our timber-milling needs. Actually, 50 percent of the 3.1 million board feet of timber we used to construct the Ark was cut by one of their sawmills. The cover story for the US edition of The Wood-Mizer Way features a two-page photo of the Ark and the title, “The Building of Noah’s Ark.” The story is filled with photos and interesting construction details about this unique project. You can read that article on Wood-Mizer’s website.

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