“I Wonder” New Creation Museum Ad Campaign

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

Our exciting new ad campaign for the Creation Museum launches today on television and social media nationwide. These ads—our “I Wonder” campaign—are very high quality and are sure to grab people’s attention. We used an outside marketing group, JDA, to design and film these ads, which I think will be very powerful on secular television.

This new campaign will air both nationally and regionally this week on networks like A&E, Fox News, Discovery, HGTV, Freeform, Food Network and others, plus dozens of Christian travel and family websites.

We want as many kids as possible to come and hear the truth about history, as revealed in God’s Word!

Kids have lots of questions, and the Creation Museum provides scientific and biblical answers to many questions, such as, “What about the dinosaurs?” or “What about apemen?” This new ad campaign encourages parents to bring their children to the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky to get answers to questions about dinosaurs, apes, and much more. We want as many kids as possible to come and hear the truth about history, as revealed in God’s Word!

The Creation Museum is about more than just creation. It’s a walk through biblical history showing the true history of life and the universe. You’ll stroll through the Garden of Eden, see the effects of sin on creation, learn about Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, of course, there are dinosaurs, real fossils (including a world-class Allosaur dinosaur skeleton), an insectorium, botanical gardens, a petting zoo, and much more.

Here’s a look at our two new wonder ads:

I encourage you to share these videos on social media with your friends and family. Plan your visit to the Creation Museum (and the Ark Encounter, 45 minutes away) at CreationMuseum.org.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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