Igniting a New Reformation in 2017

by Ken Ham
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This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 theses—complaints about the church’s unbiblical “doctrines”—to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. Five hundred years later, we believe it’s time for a new reformation.

Martin Luther opposed man’s fallible traditions taking the place of God’s Word. He called the church back to the authority of Scripture. In our day when we see rampant compromise in the church, particularly in regard to the book of Genesis, we need to do the same.

Many Christians are no longer allowing God’s Word to be the authority, and are exalting man’s fallible word over Scripture. We see this clearly when man’s beliefs of millions of years and evolution are forced into the book of Genesis—the very foundation of Scripture and doctrine.

Scripture is no longer their authority—man’s word is. As a result, we are seeing a generational loss from the church!

It’s no wonder many in this church generation have embraced gay “marriage,” abortion, premarital sex, and other things Scripture speaks strongly against. Scripture is no longer their authority—man’s word is. As a result, we are seeing a generational loss from the church!

At Answers in Genesis we are dedicated to calling the church back to the authority of the Word of God. We want to ignite a new reformation. As I recently wrote for our January Answers Update newsletter, we want to

  1. Ignite a passion in young people to know the Bible and stand boldly, uncompromisingly, and unashamedly on the Word of God from the very first verse.
  2. Ignite a fervor in Christians to “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 3) by showing the truth, power, and authority of the Word against the false teachings of our day.
  3. Ignite a zeal in Christian leaders to recognize the vital need to teach creation apologetics to children and teens (and adults, too, of course) and oppose any compromise within the church with evolutionary/millions of-years beliefs.
  4. Ignite a burden in non-Christians to challenge secular icons and seek answers to the questions that have caused them to reject God’s Word, so they will discover the truths of the Bible and be saved for eternity by receiving Christ as Savior.
  5. Ignite an intense desire in parents to educate their children in accord with biblical principles and raise up godly offspring who will know what they believe concerning God’s Word and why they believe what they do—and thus are equipped to defend the Christian faith against the secular attacks of our day.

Join the Reformation

I encourage you to join with us in igniting this new reformation. Here are some ways you can partner with us:

  • Bring people to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. These faith-building attractions uphold the authority of God’s Word and boldly proclaim the gospel.
  • Purchase AiG resources. Fill your church, home, or Christian school library with resources that uphold God’s Word and teach young people and adults how to defend the accuracy of the Bible.
  • Invite an AiG speaker to your church or homeschool group. We have many excellent communicators in the United States and England who will come and ignite a passion for God’s Word and truth in your group.
  • Donate to AiG. Partner with us in sharing the gospel by donating to the Ark Encounter or Answers in Genesis.

As we begin 2017, we pray that the church will say, “Come, and let us return to the Lord” (Hosea 6:1).

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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